Sabina Ponzielli
Sabina PonzielliFounder & CEO
In 2018, after twenty years working in digital marketing, Sabina launched All Words Translations. During her first year as CEO of the marketing and e-commerce-focused translation agency, she continued to offer her services as a digital consultant.

From this unique position, she was able to identify the need for an agency that could meet the often overlapping requirements of both sectors. Thus, in 2019, she decided to draw on her dual-sector expertise to create a new crossover agency with the power of words as its unifying element. The result was all words digital: a next-generation translation, content and marketing agency that combines three complementary services and several specialities to provide cross-cutting business solutions.

Her motto:
“If you can dream it, you can achieve it”.

Silvia Sutter
Silvia SutterInternational Partner
With over ten years of digital marketing experience, Silvia has managed projects for various international corporations. Her strategic and global vision comes from having worked in several of the world’s major capitals during her academic and professional career.

In 2020, she took charge of guiding all words digital on a new international path to expand our services to other countries. Silvia manages our global market from her base in Switzerland.

Her motto:
“Success isn’t always measured by money or recognition. How excited are you when you wake up in the morning? How free do you feel?”

All words digital is the result of a synergy between more than 220 associates

Behind the brand, we have an extensive team of professionals on-hand to nurture your projects: native, certified translators to adapt your multilingual content, content writers to express your ideas with the perfect words and rigorously revise your texts, experts in inclusive, non-discriminatory language to ensure your content always meets the highest equality benchmarks, design and layout specialists to capture the message you want to transmit visually, voice-over talents to bring your creations to life.

We are professionals; experts in working in inter-cultural environments. We are a large, multi-skilled team with shared core values.